-port of kaskinen

Cargo loading and unloading between different modes of transportation, as well as storage, are handled by operators operating in Kaskisten satama.

BB Logistics Oy specializes in handling bulk products, sacks, and piece goods, as well as storage and transportation. Their expertise also includes handling large wind turbine components.

Wibax Logistics Oy provides storage services for various liquid products, including hazardous chemicals such as caustic soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Havator Groupin material handling and lifting services cover the unloading and loading of forest industry products such as dry bulk products, sawn timber, pulpwood, and chips. In addition, Havator can handle containers and wind turbine components.

Oy Silva Shipping Ab toffers stevedoring services with hydraulic ship cranes and storage in sealed warehouses.


Port operators have four material handling machines and two harbor cranes supplied by Havator Group.

Material handling machines:

  • Mantsinen 120 Hybrilif 2 units
  • Mantsinen 140 Hybrilift 1 unit
  • Sennebogen 880EQ

Harbor cranes:

  • Gottwald HMK 300E 2 units
  • Capacity: 100 tons