Port operators’ services
-port of kaskinen

The Port of Kaskinen is served by five specialized port operators. Seamless cooperation and efficiency among the operators are the cornerstones of the port. Loading and unloading of goods between various modes of transportation as well as storage are handled by skilled professionals.

BB Logistics Oy

BB Logistics Oy specializes in handling bulk products, sacks, and LCL goods, as well as storage and transportation. Their expertise also extends to wind turbine components. Their operations include stevedoring and port clearance services. Kaskinen is the largest terminal of BB Logistics Oy, offering storage for various needs and customized material handling according to customer requirements.


BB Logistics

+358 44 9782 507

Wibax Logistics Oy

Wibax Logistics Oy is the largest independent terminal operator in Finland, specializing in the storage services of various liquid products, including hazardous chemicals. At Wibax Logistics Oy’s terminal in Kaskinen, products such as caustic soda and hydrogen peroxide are stored. The terminal has a tank capacity of approximately 32,000 m³. Quality and environmental management systems are certified with ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.

Wibax Logistics Oy

+358 44 743 6138

Havator Oy

Havator Group is the largest conglomerate in the Nordic countries providing lifting services, heavy transport, and heavy lifting services. Havator delivers material handling services to port operators with four material handling machines (two Mantsinen 120 Hybrilifts, one 140 Hybrilift, and one Sennebogen 880EQ) and port lifting services with two Gottwald HMK 300E harbor cranes capable of lifting up to 100 tons.

Material handling and port lifting services include, for example, the unloading and loading of various forest industry products such as dry bulk products, sawn timber, pulpwood, and chips, as well as loading of BCTMP from the Metsä Board factory in Kaskinen. In addition to these services, Havator provides various project works upon request, including lifting operations related to wind power and sea containers.


+358 40 548 3024

Oy Silva Shipping Ab

Oy Silva Shipping Ab provides agency, port clearance, and stevedoring services at the Port of Kaskinen.


  • Reception of truck and train transports
  • Ship side deliveries
  • Documentation of ship consignments and communication with shippers
  • Port clearance
  • Storage of ship consignments in sealed warehouses
  • Local agent services for vessels and shipping companies
  • Services for authorities and suppliers to vessels
  • Fast and efficient port calls


  • Stevedoring operations with hydraulic port cranes
  • Single shift stevedoring production with two cranes, handling approximately 5000-5500 m³ of sawn products or 4000-4500 tons of BCTMP pulp.
  • The company has approximately 38,000 m² of covered storage space within the port area.
  • 500 meters of quay are available for stevedoring operations.
  • Loading and transfer equipment consists of 20 units.

Silva Shipping

+358 207 801 800

Cewal Grains

Cewal Grains Oy is a grain and fertilizer product handler that exports Finnish grain to Europe via the Port of Kaskinen. Cewal Grains has about 10,000 m2 of storage space in the port.

Cewal Grains

+358 500 664 534