-port of kaskinen

The port operators offer storage space as follows:

BB Logistics Oy provides storage services for wind turbine components, piece, bagged, and bulk cargo, as well as for biofuels and wood pellets. Gravel, sand, stone, metal and machinery, as well as feed and oats, are also stored at BB Logistics. The storage capacity is 25,000 m².

Wibax Logistics Oy offers storage services for liquid products and hazardous chemicals, such as caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide, and molasses. The tank capacity is 32,000 m³.

Oy Silva Shipping AB has covered storage space of approximately 38,000 m² in the Kaskinen port area.

Cewal Grains is a handler of grain and fertilizer products with storage space of approximately 10,000 m².