-port of kaskinen

The Port of Kaskinen is located on the west coast of Finland, in the Gulf of Bothnia, approximately 100 km north of Pori. It is one of Finland’s most important ports for the forest industry and specializes in handling chemical industry and bulk cargo.

The port handles around 1.3 million tons of goods annually. During the winter season, assistance from icebreakers is rarely needed due to the sheltered nature of the port. With its deep harbor, the port provides quick access to the open sea and the Baltic Sea shipping lanes.

The versatility, flexibility, and straightforward infrastructure of the port create conditions for fast, safe, and cost-effective handling of material flows. Large batches move smoothly between different modes of transport, warehouses, and ships. As a result, we can easily handle over 15,000 tons of materials in one shift. The port’s key customers in the surrounding area include Kaskinen’s Metsä Board’s chemical pulp mill, Lunawood Oy, and Aureskoski Jalostetehdas Oy together with landbased wind turbine industry.

The area offers excellent opportunities for industrial placement and growth. We continuously develop the port to meet future challenges.

The port is part of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) comprehensive network of ports.

Watch the port introduction video here.

Navigational depth in the deep-water port: 9 m
Ship sizes: 1,000–45,000 dwt
Turning basin: 270 m (internal), 350 m (external)
Lolo/Bulk berths: 7
Ro-Ro berths: 2
Liquid Bulk berth: 1
Double railway track: 900 meters
Hybrid cranes: 4
Heavy-duty port mobile cranes: 2
Storage space for general cargo: 38,000 m²
Dry bulk: 15,000 m² + 53,500 m²
Liquid bulk: 49,000 m³
Port area: 42 hectares



Kaskinen Port is a member of the South Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce..