Port area
-port of kaskinen


The port is divided into areas based on the handled materials:

BB Logistics Oy – Bulk cargo, bulk materials, project cargo and windmil turbine components

Wibax Logistics Oy – Chemicals

Havator Group – Material handling services

Oy Silva Shipping Ab – Forest industry products and pulp materials

Cewal Grains Oy – Grain feed and fertilizers

Access to the port area is permit-based and requires registration.
See permits.

Navigational depth in the deep-water port: 9 m
Ship sizes: 1,000–45,000 dwt
Turning basin: 270 m (internal), 350 m (external)
Lolo/Bulk berths: 7
Ro-Ro berths: 2
Liquid Bulk berth: 1

Double railway track: 900 meters
Hybrid cranes: 4
Heavy-duty port mobile cranes: 2

Storage space for general cargo: 38,000 m²
Dry bulk: 15,000 m² + 53,500 m²
Liquid bulk: 49,000 m³
Port area: 42 hectares