-port of kaskinen

Marine Traffic

Marine Traffic is a web service that tracks maritime traffic in real time. It provides information about the movements, positions, speeds, and directions of ships, as well as information about the ports.

To access Marine Traffic service, please visit their website.


The Port of Kaskinen is accessible via a maritime route that provides a navigational depth of 9 meters and stretches approximately 8 nautical miles.

  • Navigational depth: 9.0 m
  • Suitable vessel sizes: 1000–45,000 dwt
  • Turning basin: 270 m (internal) 350 m (external)

The maximum allowed speed or any other potential restrictions are indicated by maritime buoys. Additionally, the speed of vessels must be adjusted situationally within the port’s waters to avoid causing damage, disruption, or danger to other port users, the port itself, its equipment or structures, and the vessels themselves.


Pilotage to the Port of Kaskinen is provided by Finnpilot Pilotage Oy. The Port of Kaskinen falls within pilotage area 2, which encompasses the Archipelago Sea and the Bothnian Sea. The area manager is Ari Saari, who can be reached at ari.saari(at)


During the winter months, towage services are provided by Alfons Håkans. Towage services can be ordered directly from Alfons Håkans by phone at +358 400 591 560.


Berths are generally assigned to vessels in the order of their arrival at the port area. However, deviations from this principle may occur at the discretion of the port authority.

Vessels must be moored to the berth designated by the port authority and in a manner approved by them. The owner or operator of the vessel is responsible for ensuring that the vessel’s mooring equipment is always in good condition. The vessel’s captain must be aware of the current water depth at the vessel’s mooring location.


Deep-water berths, berths 1–5: length 500 m, verified water depth –10.2 m.

Dolphin berth, berth 6: length 160 m, stern-to berth, verified water depth –8.8 m.

Berth 7: length 165 m, verified water depth –10.2 m.

Ro-Ro, chemical berth, berth 8: length 130 m, verified water depth –10.2 m, maximum allowed vessel length 140 m.
Outer Port berth: length 170 m, verified water depth –8.0 m.

When mooring or unmooring a vessel to/from the berth, and while the vessel is at the berth, necessary caution must be taken to prevent damage to the berth and the cranes and other equipment on the berth. The port authority may also require the vessel to use a pilot and tug assistance while maneuvering in the port area.

Permission from the port authority is required for the long-term placement of a stripped vessel or other floating structure in the port. The owner or agent of the vessel or floating structure must entrust their maintenance to a reliable individual, whose name and address must be provided to the port authority.