Port as a Company
-port of kaskinen

Oy Kaskisten Satama – Kaskö Hamn Ab commenced its operations on September 1, 2014, transitioning from being owned by the city of Kaskinen to becoming a port company.

The main areas of operation for the port company include maintaining port operations, conducting general port activities, and developing related business activities.


The most significant customers of Kaskinen Port are Metsä Board and Metsä Fibre, along with other players in the forest industry and other industries utilizing port services. The import of wind turbine components through Kaskinen Port, which commenced in 2023, has been a crucial breakthrough and part of the company’s strategy initiated in 2020, involving investment in heavy lifting capacity, port infrastructure, and the expansion of storage yards.


The port’s digitalization, development, and expansion efforts continue in 2024. A key aspect of the updated strategy in spring 2023 is the initiation of large unit and container traffic within 2–3 years. Positive future prospects also stem from the planned construction of a folding boxboard mill in Kaskinen, which, if realized, could commence operations as early as 2027, with the entire production being exported through Kaskinen Port. Together with the current transit volume, this would amount to over 2.2 million tons, with multiplier effects potentially reaching nearly 3 million tons annually.

Patrik Hellman serves as the CEO of Kaskinen Port.

The regular members of the port company’s board of directors are:
Sakari Mäntysaari (Chairman)
Kari Rantakoski (Vice Chairman)
Mikaela Björklund, Member
Jorma Vierula, Member
Auditor: JHT KHT Andreas Holmgård
History of Kaskinen Port