Port of Kaskinen enters into digital partnership with Grieg Connect

Finland (02.10.2020) Port of Kaskinen enters into partnership with Grieg Connect. The partnership will be a transformation to a seamless digital system for Port of Kaskinen.

The Port of Kaskinen in Finland joins forces with the Norwegian firm Grieg Connect to build the port´s future digital management system. The partnership  revolves around a long-term development of digital solutions and applications, streamlining the port´s operations to cut costs and emissions and eventually connecting all the port´s clients and applications to the system.

– This is a good opportunity for us to digitalize transactions and be ahead in the ongoing digital journey that we see at ports around the world. We have many expectations to the system, and both parties are confident that the co-operation will open the door to the port of the future, says Patrik Hellman, CEO at Port of Kaskinen.

The agreement comprises a cloud-based port management system and an advanced port call module. The system has an option for a gate flow system, a terminal operating system and a digital twin. The system will develop through time taking market-needs and abilities into account:
– Port of Kaskinen has all the ingredients to build a lean, desirable, digital operation for its clients. We are excited by the trust shown by the port. Together we will establish an attractive, modern, cost-efficient experience for clients arriving by sea or by land, through Port of Kaskinen, says Dan Steinnes, Business Development Manager at Grieg Connect.

Port of Kaskinen will be the first port in Finland joining a strong community of more than 80 ports, terminals and VTS centers working together to create seamless solutions for maritime transport and road and rail transport.
– We are entering a new era in port management that will eventually change the way we work with logistics throughout the transport- and manufacturing business. Cutting emissions and creating smarter and more cost-efficient solutions is the future for the whole logistic chain, Mr. Hellman believes.

Other partners that have already joined the digital integration development in Port of Kaskinen are: Lemonsoft, VRT, Securitas, Arctia, and AqualisBraemer

About Port of Kaskinen:
Port of Kaskinen (Kaskisten satama) is located on the western coast of Finland, in the Gulf of Bothnia. It is one of the most important Finnish exporting ports for sawn timber and pulp, and it is also specialised in handling chemical industry products and bulk cargo. The port handles over 1 million tons of goods per year.

About Grieg Connect:
Part of family-owned Grieg Group based in Bergen. Grieg Connect, owned by Grieg Logistics serves over 80 ports in Scandinavia. The software company consists of 30 employees with offices in 5 location in the Nordic region.

For more information please contact:

CEO Port of Kaskinen: Patrik Hellman: +358 50 343 0676, patrik.hellman@portofkaskinen.fi

Business Development Manager, Grieg Connect: Dan Steinnes: +358 452 15 2080, dan@griegconnect.com