Railway network

Railway Network Statement, Port of Kaskinen Ltd

Provisions on the publication of a Railway Network Statement are laid down in the Railway Act (304/2011) and Directive 2012/34/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a single European railway area.

The Network Statement is not a regulation issued by the Port of Kaskinen Ltd, but an informative document. The information included in the Network Statement does not influence any of the instructions issued by the Port of Kaskinen or regulations issued by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

Railway work and shunting safety instructions

These instructions are followed in the railway network administered by Port of Kaskinen Ltd as the railway owner. The instructions form a part of the Port’s safety and security management structure included in the safety permit.



Railway Network Statement 2019–2020

Port-of-Kaskinen-Ltd-Rairoad-network-statement-final-2019-2020 (pdf)

Vaihto- ja ratatyönturvallisuusohje