Services, port operators

There are five specialised port operators at the Port of Kaskinen. The seamless co-operation and efficiency of the operators are one of the cornerstones in the Port operations. The loading and unloading of goods, moving between different modes of transportation, and warehousing are handled by professional personnel.

BB Logistics Oy is specialised in the handling, transporting and warehousing of bulk goods, general cargo and bagged goods. Stevedoring and ship clearance are also part of the company operations. The terminal in Kaskinen is the largest terminal of BB Logistics Oy, and it offers solutions for a diverse range of warehousing needs, accompanied with customised handling of goods in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

BB Logistics

Wibax Tank Ltd (former Baltic TankOy) is the largest independent terminal operator providing warehousing services for diverse liquid products (including biofuels and hazardous chemicals) in Finland. The terminal in Kaskinen is the company’s newest terminal in Finland, which is used to store, for example, lye and hydrogen peroxide. The current storage capacity is approximately 32,000m³. The terminal in Kaskinen offers great possibilities for expansion.  The facility has ISO 9001 and 14001 certified quality and environment systems in place.

Wibax Tank Oy

Founded in 1956, Havator Group is the largest provider of lifting, special transport, and heavy haulage services in the Nordics, operating in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia. Havator Oy operates in the Port of Kaskinen under BB Logistics’, Metsä Group’s and other port operators’ steering.

Havator provides both material handling and port lifting services to the port operators. Material handling is carried out with four material handling machines (2 Mantsinen 120 Hybrilifts, 1 Mantsinen 140 Hybrilift and 1 Sennebogen 880EQ) and lifting services with a Gottwald HMK 280E crane, lifting up to 80 tons.
Material handling and port lifting services cover, for example, unloading and loading of various forest industry products like dry bulk, pulp-/fiberwood, logs and wood chips, as well as e.g. BCTMP freight from the Metsä Board mill in Kaskinen. Additionally, on request, Havator provides various project work such as wind power-related lifting.

Havator Oy

Oy Silva Shipping Ab offers forwarding, ship clearance and stevedoring services at the Port of Kaskinen.


  • Handling of truck and train cargo
  • Deliveries at shipside
  • Documentation for shipping batches and contacts with consignors
  • Ship clearance
  • Storage as shipping batches in fully weather-proof storage facilities
  • Operating as local agents for the ship and the shipping company
  • All the necessary services of authorities and suppliers for ships
  • Smooth and efficient visits to the Port


  • Stevedoring with hydraulic quay cranes
  • Stevedoring output of one shift with two cranes is e.g. 5,000–5,500m³ of sawn products or 4,000–4,500 tonnes of pulp
  • The company has approximately 38,000 m² of covered warehouse facilities in the port area
  • 500 metres of berth capacity for stevedoring
  • 20 different machine units for loading and transferring cargo

Silva Shipping

Cewal Grains Ltd exports Finnish grain to Europe through the Port of Kaskinen. The company acquires grain – oats in particular – directly from farmers and sells it for export.

Cewal Grains