Port of Kaskinen

Port of Kaskinen (Kaskisten satama) is located on the western coast of Finland, in the Gulf of Bothnia, approximately 100 kilometres north of the City of Pori. It is one of the most important Finnish exporting ports for sawn timber and pulp, and it is also specialised in handling chemical industry products and bulk cargo. The port handles approximately 1,3 million tons of goods per year. The sheltered port rarely requires icebreaker assistance in the wintertime. The open sea and shipping routes of the Baltic Sea can be accessed easily from the deep-water port.

The diversity, flexibility and clear-cut infrastructure of the port create excellent conditions for quick, safe and cost-efficient handling of material flows. At the Port, even large single batches move smoothly between different modes of transportation, storage facilities and vessels. Due to these arrangements, we can easily handle more than 15,000 tons of goods each day. The most important nearby customers of the Port are the Metsä Board chemi-thermomechanical pulp mill in Kaskinen, Oy Lunawood Ltd and Aureskosken Processing Company Ltd.

The area offers an excellent location and growth possibilities for industrial operators. We are constantly developing the Port to meet the challenges of the future.

Port of Kaskinen is one of the many ports included in the extensive Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).

Watch here the presentation video of the Port of Kaskinen:


Fairway depth in the deep-water port 9 m
Ship sizes 1,000–45,000 dwt
Turning basin 270 m (inside) 350 m (outside)
Lolo/Bulk berths 7 pcs
RoRo berths 2 pcs
Liquid bulk berths 1 pc
Storage for general cargo 38,000m²
Dry bulk 15,000 m2 + 53,500m²
Liquid bulk 49,000 m³
Port area 16 ha