Cargo traffic – smooth access to port

A truck or road tanker arriving by road can access the Port easily via a simple route. The route avoids the city of Kaskinen and heavily trafficked areas.

Main road 67 takes you directly to the Port area. The uncongested road passes by the City of Kaskinen, runs by the industrial area and ends up right at the Port gates. The Port of Kaskinen is only 14 kilometres away from the crossing of highway E8 and main road 67.

The clear road is also wide enough for special-sized large transports without a need for significant separate operations.

See here for the presentation video of the Port of Kaskinen

All persons entering the closed port area must, upon request, present an ID card or access permit approved by the Port Company or, in the absence of such permit, provide the necessary information for issuing an access permit. All unauthorised persons can be removed from the area with the help of the police, customs authorities or border guard authorities, if necessary.


Map of the port area

PortofKaskinenArea2019 (pdf)