Driving directions

The port is divided into areas according to the material being processed.

BB Logistics Oy – bulkrahtia, irtomateriaalia (ulkosatama)
Wibax Tank Oy (former Baltic Tank Oy) – Liquid material
Cewal Grains Oy – Grains
Revisol Oy – Bioenergy materials
Oy Silva Shipping Ab – Forestry and pulp materials

The dusty material is mainly processed in the outer port. Location of weightbridge is also there.

Driving Directions / videos

Access Port of Kaskinen Main Port

Route 1 – Silva Shipping V6 warehouse 

Route 2 – Silva Shipping V5 warehouse

Route 4 – Silva Shipping V1-4 warehouses

Route 5 – V7 Silva Shipping warehouse

Route 6 – Baltic Tank warehouse

Route 7a –  BB Logistics warehouse  (Main Port area)

Route 7b – BB Logistics warehouse (Main Port area)

Route 8 – Revisol warehouseweighbridge

Route 9 – Cewal Grains warehouse

Route 10 – Outer Port:  BB Logistics warehouseweighbridge



Port of Kaskinen map

PortofKaskinen_map2020_info (pdf)