A new harbour crane commissioned at the Port of Kaskinen

The much-anticipated expansion of the lifting equipment in use at the Port of Kaskinen is part of the extensive investment project undertaken by the lifting service provider Havator that provides material handling services at the port. The services to be improved with the commissioning of the new harbour crane will increase the attractiveness of the Port of Kaskinen and provide an impetus for development throughout the region.

Havator started providing material handling services at the Port of Kaskinen in the summer of 2021. Developing port functions was also covered by the partnership agreement that was signed with the Port of Kaskinen. The new harbour crane that has recently arrived will increase the attractiveness of the port even further from the perspective of project loading and container traffic, as harbour lifts are now included in the service offering as well.

“It is great that we are able to operate more extensively at the Port of Kaskinen and provide not only material handling services but harbour lifting services as well”, rejoices Havator Oy Head of Harbour Operations Pasi Körkkö. “Our services include for instance the on- and off-loading of various forestry products, such as dry bulk goods, fibre wood and logs, and woodchips, as well as the loading of BCTMP at the Metsä Board Kaskinen plant. We will now be able to also supply various project works, such as lifts relating to wind power and individual heavy lifts”, Körkkö continues.

Port of Kaskinen CEO Patrik Hellman emphasises the multiplier effects resulting from the development of the port.

“Improving port services is part of our development and investment strategy, which aims to at least double the port traffic. Developing port functions creates business opportunities for our clients and will also generate new jobs at the port and in the surrounding regions thanks to all the multiplier effects. Havator’s establishment at and investments in the Port of Kaskinen are very positive things that will reinforce our competitiveness greatly”, Hellman says.

Havator operates at the Port of Kaskinen under BB Logistics Oy, Metsä Group, and other harbour operators, and operates a total of four material handling machines and one harbour crane.

Further information:

Pasi Körkkö, Head of harbor operations, Havator Oy
pasi.korkko@havator.com, +358 40 548 3024

Jari Huhtanen, contact person at the Port of Kaskinen, Havator Oy
jari.huhtanen@havator.com, +358 50 513 0071

Patrik Hellman, CEO, Oy Kaskisten satama – Kaskö Hamn Ab
patrik.hellman@kaskinen.fi, +358 50 3430 676


Havator Oy

Founded in 1956, Havator Group is the largest provider of lifting, special transport, and heavy haulage services in the Nordics, operating in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Estonia. Havator Oy operates in the Port of Kaskinen under BB Logistics’, Metsä Group’s and other port operators’ steering.

Havator provides both material handling and port lifting services to the port operators. Material handling is carried out with four material handling machines (2 Mantsinen 120 Hybrilifts, 1 Mantsinen 140 Hybrilift and 1 Sennebogen 880EQ) and lifting services with a Gottwald HMK 280E crane.